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  1. Use Always longs sticks for bursting the Crackers while playing with Children
  2. Make it a Safe and Happy Diwali for you and your street dogs
  3. Have a Safe Diwali


  • Buy Crackers from only Licensed Shops
  • Burst Crackers in Open Spaces
  • Keep Blankets and Buckets of water ready
  • Wear fitting cotton Clothes
  • In Case of Minor Burns, pour cool water till the burning sensation subsides
  • In case of fire, call the fire brigade at 101


  • Don’t wear loose and Synthetic clothes
  • Don’t go near a crackers that has not burst
  • Don’t cover crackers with tin containers or glass bottles for extra sound
  • Always take a candle to the crackers for lighting, never the other way round
  • Ensure that diyas are not near any flammable material like wood, cloth or paper

In Case of Injuries

  • Splash tap water ( not ice water ) on the affected area till the burning sensation subsides. Rush the patient to hospital.
  • Cover the Burnt area with Moist sterile bandage ( do not use blanket or towel )

Happy Diwali 2017

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